Do You Know That Eating Healthy Foods Daily Makes Your Fat Cells to be Sick?

Diets such as energy drink, pasta, apple juice, tofu, grain bread, whole wheat, margarine, sports drinks, and diet soda contain certain levels of leaked toxins in the body systems. The result is weight gain, joints pain, disruptive hormones, rapid skin ageing, diabetes, and restless night sleep. Eating the right diet helps you to lose weight in days, months, or even years without stress. A good diet helps you to wake up from sleep refreshed and able to jump out without any noisy alarm. Learn from the free book how to identify and avoid the achy and groggy diets which are responsible for restless night’s sleep, inflammation, gut, ankles and kneel creaking, back pains, muscle tiredness, dry hair, and wrinkled dry skins


Wheat is responsible for the followings health challenges:

  • Blood sugar disruption
  • Increase ageing
  • Weight gain
  • Gluten and other gut damaging compounds
  • Glycation of body cell
  • Boosting risks of Diabetes
  • Anti-nutrients and mineral blockades [zinc, iron, manganese and calcium]  

Solution: Eat oatmeal instead of “Health Food” wheat varieties.

Vegetable Oil

  • Vegetable oil contains deadly trans fat 
  • Oxidized “mutated fats”, 
  • It causes cancer, obesity, Alzheimer’s health problems, heart disease, massive imbalances with your Omega 6 and Omega3 in fat ratios. 

Solution: Use Coconut oil, Olive oil and Avocado oil instead of Vegetable oil. 


Sugar is responsible for:

  • Extreme fluctuations in blood sugar
  • Glycation inside body
  • Ageing of organs and skins
  • Pains in arteries and joints
  • Heart disease
  • Type-2 Diabetes
  • Slow down of white blood cells  

Solution: Use suitable sweeteners

How do you lose fat and stay healthy?

  • Get rid of the food damaging your body system
  • Add “fermentable fibres” to your diet [sweet potatoes, yam, yucca etc]
  • Eat fermented fruits like kefir, sauerkraut and special yoghurts
  • Manage your stress with good sleep Add turmeric to your diet  

What the free book offers:

  • How to improve the damaged digestive system
  • Melting away of stubborn and embarrassing fat belly
  • Increasing your energy levels
  • Fighting of joint pains
  • Specific animal proteins that help you burn fat gain muscle
  • Delicious and nutritional meals to burn stomach fat and fight ageing
  • The 3-best wild caught fish healthy to eat
  • The secrets of eggs eating hidden from you
  • Quality cheese that suits your health
  • Coconut oil benefits
  • Best types of nuts suitable for health
  • Use of “nature vasodilator” to improve blood flow, help the heart and boost energy levels
  • Best fatty foods suitable for kids and toddlers
  • Best sweeteners to add to your food, and not sugar
  • Good chocolate to lose fat
  • The best fat burning methods
  • You can look good, fit, lean, and smart with a healthy body. Your “old” skin and hair, stubborn belly fat, zero energy, muscle weakness, digestive constipation, uncomfortable bloating, bouts of diarrhoea, and indigestion arising from harmful diets will greatly improve. You don’t need multiple cups of coffee, energy drinks and diet soda to be productive, nice and stay healthy. 

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